Career Assistance


A great deal of our fellow Filipinos stake on opportunities overseas in search for a better living.  Part of Juan Balikbayan’s advocacy is to reach out to the families of our kababayans who left the country.  Our pool of consultants sees the value of these modern-day heroes, and through our career assistance services, better opportunities may be bequeathed to both the OFW and his family here in the country.

Juan Balikbayan provides business support and training, enterprise incubation, commerce mentoring through opportunity identification, and business expansion counselling, which situates its conviction that business establishment has always been an open alternative from going overseas in search for a greener pasture.  From our experts’ sound advice, the need to go overseas for a living may not necessarily be the sole solution in giving our families a better future.

Fact may say that currently, there are 12 million Filipinos who are unemployed.  Juan Balikbayan, being Business Enterprise and Cooperative Mentors Inc. newest social venture, believes that there is no such thing as a menial job.  There are enough job opportunities for everybody, and Juan Balikbayan makes sure that this is well provided for to the families of our fellow Filipinos overseas by identifying their marketable skills, and helping them to get locally employed through our job placement network.

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