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Almost all people comment on how time flies quickly.  Hence, a balikbayan’s stay in the country must be made worthwhile, as time is indeed a very valuable resource.  Lack of familiarity in the current trends and developments in the Philippines may result to expensive and frustrating travel, vacation, and social plans, as a great deal of these balikbayans would simply rely on internet promotions and marketing, due to their long absence from the country.

Juan Balikbayan provides alternative, affordable, clean, and homey accommodation in a balikbayan’s preferred location, such as condominiums, houses, villas, and resorts for short or long term stay, resulting to a nostalgic and memorable experience. Reminiscent yet affordable, but without compromise, Juan Balikbayan offers accommodations in Quezon City, Makati, Taguig, Las Pinas, Tagaytay, Quezon Province, Subic, Zambales, and Palawan, all of which are very accessible and proximal to major establishments and other significant places to go to.

Balikbayan preferences and interests may differ from one another.  From unexplored tourist destinations, to regular and usual vacation spots, Juan Balikbayan offers personalized, professional, and insured itinerary. May it be planning for the tourist affair, actual festive occasions, reliable transport services, both for long and short terms, plus the different perks and discounts affiliated with the Juan Balikbayan Privilege Card, indeed this is the one-stop shop every balikbayan is looking forward to.


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