Please be aware that while we are still accepting orders, delivery will be delayed until the Community Quarantine in Luzon has been lifted. Thank you for your patience. Be safe and healthy!

Juan Balikbayan gives back

In a time where nothing is certain, there aren't enough ways to show our gratitude to the people who make sacrifices to ensure our own security and help us go through every single day.

Grocery store employees, delivery riders, fast food staff-- they are among the most overlooked and underappreciated members of the society. They, too, are Essential Frontline Workers, especially during this trying time. Can you imagine going through this pandemic without them?

This is why we at Juan Balikbayan have decided to step up and show our support and encouragement by providing them with equipment they need to be able to work safely while also keeping their health in check.

Let's fight alongside our nations heroes!