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About us

JUAN BALIKBAYAN, INC. (JBI) is a social enterprise with a genuine advocacy designed to support and mentor enterprising Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who would like to re-integrate in the Philippines for leisure, career, investment or socio-economic ventures. It also provides employment access to returning OFWs and their family members by linking them to work and career opportunities through the partner network of JBI.

JBI offers a solution to the plight of the OFWs and their families, who after long time of hard work abroad, were left with less to have a decent life in the Philippines. It is driven by socially responsible founders and management, who are sensitive to the predicaments of returning OFWs and their families.

About Juan Balikbayan




To help OFWs and their families by connecting them to local social enterprises, career opportunities, beneficial partnerships, training and employment resources, and charitable events that raise awareness and build local network.

To become the prime institution that OFWs and their families choose in providing assistance and services in relation to their career and enterprising needs.