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Business Opportunity

With most budget food counters, kiosks, and food carts in the market today serving cheap but unhealthy foods, Bento Bente aims to be revolutionary by serving a healthy box of complete meal. “Bento” in Japan refers to a box of meal that consists of meat, vegetables, and rice or noodles. For as low as twenty pesos, a customer gets a bento meal that contains delicious and healthy food in decent packaging.

Through a partnership program with like-minded entrepreneurs, Bento Bente aims to open as many branches as possible to reach its target market. Conceptualized and carefully developed since 2017, Bento Bente is the first of its kind in the Philippines serving Japanese-inspired bento meals and rice bowls at a price range of 20-65 pesos. In 2019, Bento Bente is opening its first batch of branches that will undoubtedly experience a blockbuster success!



Our mission is to provide healthy, truly delicious, and extremely affordable meals to Filipinos, who, regardless of economic status, deserve to be served in the most decent manner.

Our vision is to be available in every town in the Philippines, doing what we do best: serving healthy, truly delicious, and extremely affordable meals to Filipinos, with pride and satisfaction.


Interested? Shoot us an email at with the subject line: Bento Bente Franchise