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We’ve got your back, kababayan.

Working so far away from home can be difficult, and yet thousands of Filipinos take up the burden for the betterment of their families and their futures. We at Juan Balikbayan Inc. (JBI), understand that selfless sacrifice and the alienation that comes with living abroad.

That is why we have made it our mission to provide overseas Filipinos with reliable, tailor-fit solutions suited to their interests, concerns and needs.

Whether a permanent resident abroad wanting to reconnect with friends, family, or businesses in the Philippines, a person wishing to reintegrate into the country temporarily, or one returning from abroad permanently, nandito po kami para sa inyo. 

Ang Aming Kuwento

“We hold overseas Filipinos dear to our heart.”

JBI’s origin can be traced back to our founder’s simple desire to help oversee one of her expatriate cousin’s business in the Philippines. During the time she spent assisting her relative, she was introduced to a community of Overseas Filipinos who invited her to speak for a business counseling seminar.

There, she discovered that there were several OFWs with a desire to invest in their home country and didn’t have reliable means to do so, some that desired to repatriate, but did not know where to start, and still others that needed a way to reconnect with their relatives back home. 


Inspired by their service and compassion for their plight, she teamed up with her associates in the Philippines to work towards one goal: to safely bridge the gap between the world abroad and our beloved archipelago  Together, they established Juan Balikbayan, Inc., officially giving Pinoys overseas a dependable partner in the country to oversee their affairs.

Since then, our founders have been involved in improving the lives of overseas Filipinos, providing Family Relations Consulting Services, Career Coaching, Business and Investment Counseling, and Real Property and Investment Management Counseling to our hardworking kababayans.

Though over the years, JBI has grown and evolved into the advocacy-driven company it is today, at our core we remain the same: we’re here to lend a helping hand to overseas Filipinos.

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From Our Great Clients

Dependable service. Always.

Juan Balikbayan, Inc. and its partners are committed to giving honest services to its clients, ensuring that they are kept safe while providing the best programs suited to their needs.

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